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Re: Feedback time

Postby atom0s » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:32 pm

Preface: My responses are going to probably make you either hate me or dislike me in some manner. I will try to explain why I give you my point of view in each response to better justify my position and allow you to better understand where I am coming from as an admin of this server.

Shale wrote:Barspells

Changing this would go directly against how retail handles these spells, which is not something we try to do, ever, on any spell or abilities. We want the server to be as close to retail as possible in terms of how jobs work and perform. The only direct changes we have done so far is how some PLD and NIN things work to better handle enmity since DSP has a very broken implementation of enmity currently in the core of the server. Bar spells are meant to be short duration spells that aid in buffing yourself and allies under heavy damage situations. They are not meant to be something like protect/shell that are applied once in a blue moon and forgotten about. Because of how bar spells are applied to others, WHMs have to put themselves in danger to cast them in some situations. This is meant to be this way on retail and here forcing a WHM to pay attention to the fight, learn the mechanics of what they are doing and time when they should and shouldn't run in to assist with buffs like this. The idea of it being "more or less just a PITA" is part of the game. It has always been like this on retail and still is today.

Shale wrote:Nexus Cape

The removal of @home was fairly early on in the servers time. Not many had become that accustom to it and it was always stated at the start it was probably going to be removed eventually. When more custom content was slowly added, we removed the easy-mode commands like this as it promoted people to exploit various things that lessened the danger of certain mechanics in fights and allowed people to get away from things that they would otherwise not be able to on retail. The recent nerfs to the time and such were done because of exploits that people were abusing to take advantage of the capes. People would drop and get a new cape to quickly jump between HNMs and other things (which was promoted and done by an ex-GM whom had all her friends constantly warping to her for an advantage over other players).

The cape is more of a convenience item that was altered to include more zones as a means to give people 'one-shot' item per day to get to a camp or similar faster. It was and is not intended to be something reused over and over to remove any purpose of walking out of the town limits and actually seeing the world. Exploring the world and running through zones is part of this game, and has always been part of the game. The amount of things that have been added since the RoZ/CoP era of the game that help move you around the world faster has greatly diminished this aspect of the game, and we do not plan to contribute more to it. (There are plenty of things to get around the world fast such as porter moogles, teleports, telepoint crystals, outpast warps, and so on. We do not need more things to make people even lazier.)

Shale wrote:I got my GF into playing on this server, and another server with @home and GM warps... She had no idea how the world connected.

Shale wrote:She quit out of frustration of not being able to do anything with her Duo and because the game is punishing for new players that just don't know where to go.

Her lack of researching the game and the zones because you just allowed her to warp to you constantly is not our fault. Playing an MMO includes offline research from the game. That is part of any MMO you will ever play. It is not our fault she never learned how the world was connected because she was just constantly warping to you, that is your fault for allowing her to play that way and just allowing her to be carried in that manner. Her quitting for not knowing where to go is also your fault for the same reasons. MMOs are not games that you log in, everything is ready for you on screen for where to go for every single bit of the game. Certain things will direct you where to go, while others will require either you remembering everything you've done ever in the game, or researching offline. If this is not something she wants to do then maybe MMOs are not for her.

You also starting her off in this game on servers that just have @home and GM warps is not our problem either. You started her off on a server that gives a new player false expectations and a lack of purpose to do anything for themselves. This is not our servers fault to pick up the slack of other servers poor choices and terrible command ideas.

To try and say she quit because of these reasons is nothing more than a laughable joke and sheer retardedness since it has nothing to do with us.

Shale wrote:People get together and help each other out more. Legion of a year ago and the legion of today are very different. Maybe that is because some of the glue of the community is gone (Loki,Glenn Tarot,Gofer.. ect ect... Sorry if I missed you ^^;) but there aren't weekly legions or atma parties like there used to be. I don't even know if Legion, Shinryu, Kirin or the wonders get killed anymore because the legion LS is pretty dead now. I offered some of by Mythic pops to people in the LS, and most didn't know what they were, how to get there, that they dropped from mobs, but were blown away that I was letting them just come and experience some content. When they found out they need ToA access(very reasonable) and the walk was going to take them so long they all bow'ed out.(This might be a bad example, getting to most ZNM's is only a 10 min walk)

Clearly you have not played here in quite a while because this is not at all how the server has been in over a year. "Glue of the community" lol.. that's a good one. The community of the server is going strong, the mentality of the server has shifted towards people focusing on endgame more seriously and getting things done in reasonable amounts of time rather than dragging every undergeared player through things that land up taking hours on end to complete because of people not having a clue of what they are doing or are just straight up leeching.

Legion has changed greatly since most of the people you mentioned even played here. It is not as easy as it was before and the drops have changed quite a bit. There is more incentive to kill things properly and quickly rather than dragging a bunch of dead weight along and taking forever to kill anything. Money and drops are much more interesting for certain jobs where people would rather focus on themselves and their small group/linkshell than gearing nobodies that login once a week and do nothing of value. Legion, Shin, Kirin, the Wonders, etc. are all killed regularly with linkshells. The server does not revolve around the global shell at all anymore. Endgame shells exist that do events on their own schedules and so on. The main shell is only used for new players and those that wish to stay in it and help others on their own time. No one is required to be in it, stay in it or help anyone in it.

A lot of newer players are not familiar with the various customizations on the server because they do not research anything. They join the server and just start playing. They never go on the forums to read up on custom content, they never check the wiki for how things are different etc. This is not anyones fault but that player themselves. We can't force people to use the site/forum/wiki. We can't force them to learn what is and isn't changed on our server etc. It is up to them to find out be it from the site/forum/wiki or another player.

Shale wrote:Also I get the whole "Read the wiki" "Use Google" and "Think for yourself" comments, I help people that help themselves more often then others that don't. Problem is, how do start a task that you didn't know existed, then after finding out about it learn you cannot complete it. These steps just lead to more and more steps that leave most people feeling defeated instead of challenged

I encourage you to sit on the main shell daily and answer questions on 'what'/'how'/'where'/etc. See how fast it takes for you to finally start telling people to use the site/forum/wiki/google etc. Most end game players have been here for a while (year+) and are tired of answering the same questions over and over that are fully answered already on the forum or wiki. People ask questions like 'where does x drop'. We have a tool on the site for this. People get tired of answering these questions because if the other player took 2 seconds of their own time to actually use our site, it wouldn't need to be a question in the first place. This has been an ongoing issue since the start of the server. People just want to be lazy and have their hands held through everything.

This is not specific to our custom content either. It happens the same with things like RoZ/CoP missions, people ask constant questions on 'where do i go for x' or 'how do i get to y'. This is all information that has been written on the main Wiki's (BGWiki/FFXiClopedia/etc.) for years now. People took the time to make these resources for this exact purpose and these players do little to no research themselves. I guarantee you if you sit in the main shell for a week answering all these questions you will not be doing it for any longer than that after you get annoyed with stupid the questions become and how easy they can be self-answered.

Shale wrote:Melee Tax

I mean this in an honest way, but did you really ever play retail? Like.. not just leveling but actual endgame content while it was relevant?

It doesn't seem like you ever fought anything major on retail servers while it was still relevant for its time because this is something that was major to endgame. It is up to the party fighting the monster to ensure they are not feeding it too much TP. It is up to that party to stun specific moves, have its members back off at certain times, move out of range for certain things etc. If you threw 10 DD onto something, it would spam TP just like it does here. That is nothing new or specific to this server or any private server in general. Your party setup example is not at all how retail parties were, at least not in shells that knew what they were doing. 6 healers? That is ridiculous lol...

A tank party would generally consist of:
- 1 Tank (PLD, NIN, etc.)
- 1 Dedicated Healer (WHM generally)
- 1 Dedicated Support (RDM generally)
- 1 Optional Support (BRD if needed for the specific fight.)
- 3 DDs (Anything to fill the rest of the spaces. Nothing specific.)

A DD party would consist of:
- 5 DDs
- 1 Support Healer (Generally a RDM or similar.)

Parties would be rotated in and out based on the content. DDs would be dropped for others as needed, etc. All depending on the target fight. Dual tanks (or more) would only ever happen on things like Odin / Einherjar and so on. Easymode content like the kings, sky gods, Kirin, etc. were usually all handled with a single tank.

Is there room for tweaks in mob tp, sure, however, the way you are making it out to be is that you should be able to have 10 melee DPS on a target and it should barely TP which is not at all correct and not like retail at all.

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Re: Feedback time

Postby atom0s » Sun Jun 04, 2017 7:37 pm

Shale wrote:For Tp things, ya some mobs must have regain! I never thought of that. Anaboga or w/e would Body slam non stop even when all I have on it was my DRG and SAM.

Going along with what I was saying above with the TP stuff. ZNMs on this server are custom. They are not all/entirely retail spec'd and have customizations to them so they are not going to fight exactly how they did on retail. If you feel specific mobs are overturned or TP'ing too often, report them specifically, but please don't blanket-statement them saying that mob tp needs to be nerfed cause 1 mob seems to be TP'ing more than you feel it should.

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Re: Feedback time

Postby Shale » Mon Jun 05, 2017 1:19 am

Shale wrote:For Tp things, ya -=****some****=- mobs must have regain! I never thought of that. Anaboga or w/e would Body slam non stop even when all I have on it was my DRG and SAM.

atom0s wrote:but please don't blanket-statement10 melee DPS

atom0s wrote:To try and say she quit because of these reasons is nothing more than a laughable joke and sheer retardedness since it has nothing to do with us.

Shale wrote:UNRELATED NOTE *She quit out of frustration of not being able to do anything with her Duo and because the game is punishing for new players that just don't know where to go.

I didn't, and 2 is not 10. Is 2 Melee DD's too much? I am not a hardcore old school FFXI player.
I even mentioned that it was unrelated, in BOLD too anything other then our own circumstance. "sheer retardedness" Ahem.

I'm glad you took the time out of your day to give me reasons for things.

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