Trouble logging in

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Trouble logging in

Postby SeraphFox » Sun Jun 04, 2017 10:45 am

Hey guys. Looking forward to playing with you all but I've run into a snag. I'm sure it's just me being stupid, but on the POL page it's asking for a password. Only problem is the instructions never mention setting your password. Because of that, I'm not able to log in :\ Can someone please point me in the right direction on this? Thanks!


Should probably mention what's happening. I tried logging in with no password and get a message that says "enter playonline password" I tried making one up and get "incorrect playonline id or password". So that's where I'm at currently.


I think I might've figured it out. The guide doesn't mention anything about Ashita, but that seems to have gotten me in :3

*EDIT#3* MORE EDITS!!! I'm able to log in now, but for some reason when I installed Ashita, it didn't include a configuration file? It's messing with my resolution syncing up with ffxi. I'm gonna keep poking on it, but if anyone has a quick answer I'd appreciate it :D

*Last EDIT* /fingerscrossed

SO! Looks like I'm good now. Can log in using windower and xiloader and stuff. Resolution fixed. Ashita ended up not working out for me. It's worth mentioning that this page I found here is easier to follow than the one in the guides section.

Hopefully that will help some poor soul trying to join up in the future ^_^

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Re: Trouble logging in

Postby Foze » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:34 pm

Thank you. I am currently experiencing the same issue. I'll give it a run and see if it helps.

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