Baseless GM Accusations and Linkshell Drama

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Baseless GM Accusations and Linkshell Drama

Postby atom0s » Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:40 am

Hello everyone,

I had a handful of people message me about a few things over the last few weeks that I want to shed some light on. This is going to be broken into parts because there have been a handful of things mentioned and a lot of things are either wrong, false, or otherwise invalid.

Claim Stealing / Stolen Mobs

    Something I want to address here is what people keep invalidly calling 'stealing claim'. If a mob has spawned and is yellow (claimable/attackable by anyone), then that mob is free game. Anyone has the right to attack it regardless of 'who is there' or whatever you want to say. No one has authority over a monster just because they were there first. If you lost the claim to someone else that ran in and got it, then you lost it. No one stole it from you. No one broke any rules. The mob was yellow, it was free game.

Trials / Party Invites

    No one is required to invite anyone to a party. No one is required to share a monster with anyone or share the kill for trials with anyone. Someone was reported for 'stealing' a trial mob from others. Upon further investigation, this was found to be yet another invalid accusation that someone stole a mob from someone else. The mob in question was up and unclaimed, therefore free game. No one is required to invite you or anyone else to their party, it is fully up to them if they party with anyone else while killing anything on the server. You can choose to hate that person and blacklist them, but reporting them to the staff as breaking a rule is doing nothing but wasting time because you are upset you didn't get invited. That is not a legit reason to contact staff.

Aspid Drama / Linkshell Drama

    Going along with the above, a lot of people have been reporting others due to the drama surrounding Aspidocheline. There are several points I want to cover about this situation as well as let everyone know how the staff views the situation.

    1. Linkshell drama is to be handled by the linkshell(s) involved. Simply because another shell does not share something with you does not mean they are breaking any rules. As said above, no one is required to invite anyone to anything. It is not against the rules for someone to claim a mob and not invite you.
    2. The false accusations that people keep making about Immortality are getting to the point where I'm just going to start ignoring said people indefinitely. This is turning into the whole 'Boy who cried wolf' story. Let's get some facts straight and some information clear.
      • Immortality has 1 character that has Tier 1 GM powers. This consists of EXTREMELY basic help commands to unstuck people. That's it. She does not have the power to pop mobs, spawn items, ban players, or any other claims people keep saying she is doing.
      • Immortality IS NOT even her GM character yet people keep seeming to think she is abusing powers when she doesn't even have any on that character.
      • GM commands are logged. We have logs to prove any claims of GM abuse. Immortality, on her actual GM character, has barely used any of her commands and instead has been working behind the scenes helping with SQL related things to improve crafting for the server.

    Others have reported people for selling drops. Again, this is not against the rules. If they claimed and killed the mob, the treasure is up to them to distribute the way they feel to do so.
    Selling drops is not against the rules.

    No one is required to invite someone for a drop because they need it. If you didn't get something because someone else got claim, I would suggest start camping with more people.

GM Abuse

    This has probably been one of the more frequent things in the last week or two. People claiming that GMs are abusing powers. I can clear this up in two words:
    They're not.

    No one is abusing their power. The logs are practically empty outside of basic mission/question/cs issues (ie. Halvar).

    "GMs are handing out gear to people."
    - No, no they are not. Stop with this stupid report, the main GM people keep wanting to accuse of this DOES NOT EVEN HAVE THE POWER TO DO THIS.

    "GMs are spawning mobs for themselves."
    - No, no they are not. Again, the GM(s) being accused of this DO NOT have the power to do this.

    "GMs are abusing things / getting claims / etc. its unfair."
    - GMs are players too, and GMs are required to play on non-GM toons. Meaning they are not allowed to participate in game activities on their GM character. For example, Immortality IS NOT a GM character. Therefore she is more than welcome to play on that character like a normal player.

I am completely open to people reporting things to me.
However, I am getting really sick of the false reports because people are just crying about being outclaimed or not invited to something.

tldr; version:

  • If a mob is up and unclaimed, it is fair game, anyone can claim it. No one has priority / authority over a mob that is unclaimed.
  • No one is required to invite you to anything.
  • No one is required to allow you to have a drop.
  • It is not against the rules to sell drops to other players.
  • It is not against the rules for GMs to play the game too. (As long as they are not playing on their GM character(s).)

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