[completed] Server Maintenance 05/11/2017

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[completed] Server Maintenance 05/11/2017

Postby R3P0FFXI » Sun May 07, 2017 2:57 pm

(completed) Server Maintenance May 11, 20177:30 pm EST to 9:30 pm 8:00 pm EST to 10:00 pm EST(UTC -5)


The completion time may be subject to change.
The start time and content may be subject to change as well.
Yadda yadda etc etc, you know the drill by now

  • Lay groundwork even more groundwork for:

    • drop list reorg,

    • new battlefields,

    • new custom NMs and HNMs (stuff that does not exist on retail at all.)

  • New LegionDark customization: the damage calculations for Sabotender needles attacks have been adjusted. The math was adjusted to make smaller groups possible but still provide larger damage reduction to larger groups. Teo didn't think slapping you with 55k+ damage from a randomly selected TP move was sane even if you did bring a full alliance and pets to spread it out.

  • Many LegionDark DSP Corrections. Since most of LegionDark's fixes were done in pull requests into DSP, we're just posting one combined list here. Special thanks to our GM's and members who contributed pull requests.

    • Fixed Dark and Light arts not correctly increasing skill levels for jobs with less than E skill

    • Fix wrong settings.lua variable, also re-prioritize quest checks.
      This prevents a minor issue for servers that start with the job unlocked.

    • SQL therapy for Goobbue NM that thought it was a Peiste

    • Equipment and augments that provide "waltz ability delay" will now actually work.

    • Weather latents will now be triggered by scholar spells properly

    • Update pet wyvern to have 40% damage reduction

    • Dragoon now absorbs TP from pet wyvern during Spirit Surge

    • Tilian in Port Bastok will no longer trigger the wrong cs event during "Lure of the Wildcat" quest.

    • Fix incorrect damage text when monsters additional effect attack is absorbed as HP
      Also add the ID to status.lua in case any future script needs it.

    • Holy/Hallowed Water, now modifier "enhanced"! Totally from a mountain spring and not my garden hose!
      Not responsible for any fatal side effects, which may include, dizziness, nausea, sucking at white mage, and sudden death

      Also MOD_ENHANCES_CURSNA_RCVD for Blenmonts ring and the like.

    • SCRIPTS: update enfeeble scripts with new formulas, caps, and durations from SE dev tracker and update notes

    • Remove unused variable, add missing status.lua require, and correct Holy/Hallowed Water doom removal chance percentage per dev statements and issue #3852

    • Fixed casting time on Aspir II

    • Implemented Frazzle I & II and added ability to use the appropriate scrolls.

    • Lets not change peoples mission status vars unless they are actually on that mission.. (ToAU missions fix)

    • Adjust mobskill ver of Spirits Within: TP math was only half updated in a previous update resulting in abnormal damage

    • Adding events for Magicked Astrolabe

    • Fix a crashbug with fishing system..

    • partial work on COR AF quests

    • Fixed RNG issues and melee issues between monsters of different sizes and corrected model size for entities

    • Cleaned up Trick Attack code - rejoice THF mains! It should freaking work finally!

    • "/acmd kick" fixed

    • partial work on BLU AF quests

    • BRD AF quest fixes

    • Several crashed involving party/alliance management should now be resolved

    • more explicit voidstone NPC messages and debugging: NPC will now tell you how many stones you have, regardless of having already claimed your daily stone or not.

    • Fixed a bug in Jeuno Voidwatch line.

    • Fix Croque-Mitaine's insanity

    • Lots of item stat corrections

    • Abyssea NPC and Mob Spawn position fixes.

    • Abyssea Mob Skill/Spell list fixes.

[Additional Notes]
Do not update your clients unless you are exporting a character to Legion. No client update is required to continue playing on the server as DSP has not added any NPC shifts to their trunk yet.

[Affected Service]

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