[COMPLETED] Mini Maintenance 8/25/2017

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[COMPLETED] Mini Maintenance 8/25/2017

Postby R3P0FFXI » Fri Aug 25, 2017 5:18 pm

Mini Maintenance Friday August 25, 2017 10:00 PM EST - 10:30 PM EST

Just a reminder, as we have yet to fully migrate the forums and wiki to the new machine:

  • The website will incorrectly display the server in Offline Mode even after maintenance is over, we assure you the game is online.

  • We will always both update the post and announce in Discord when maintenance is over, you do not need to spam login until it finally works. IRC is discontinued.

  • Character imports are unable to be processed until the website is moved to the new hardware (Sorry for those with outstanding requests). Other features such as linking email to character are also temporarily unavailable.

  • The website will incorrectly display who is online showing 0/0 players even after maintenance is over, we assure you there are players on the server.

  • The forum and wiki databases will be dumped when we are ready to finish the move, and during that time forum and wiki will be offline - you do not need to concern yourself with any server transfers getting lost.

Maintenance Details:
  • Bugfix to resolve server crash issues - this will be detailed after maint.


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