[COMPLETED] Website and Tools Restored

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[COMPLETED] Website and Tools Restored

Postby atom0s » Fri Sep 15, 2017 6:05 pm

Hello everyone,

The website and its associated tools should be fully back online and in working order now. This is all running on the new hardware in a new separated VM.
The website and game server are on separate VMs allowing for easy access to specifically maintain one or the other on the fly without having to affect the other directly.
In some rare/extreme cases, maintenance to the game server may bring the website down temporarily.

All tools and services should be in working order again, including the various database tools (Characters, Items, Monsters, etc.).
The website login system should be working correctly again allowing players to use the unstuck tool again if need be.
The news and server information (online status and whos online list) should be fully up and running again.

The backend tools required for the character imports should be back in fully working order again allowing imports to be processed as soon as possible.
The backend tools used by GMs to monitor the servers health and such should all be working again as well.

Maintenance Info
You can find a list of what happened and what went on here:

Bug Reports
If there are ANY issues with the website, be sure to report them on the proper Git tracker here:

Website Donations
I have added a page for users to donate as a way to say thanks for the website. Please be sure to read the full page before you donate. This is not associated with LegionDark in any way other than the website itself. Donating DOES NOT get you anything on the site/forums/server at all. It is simply a way for players to say thanks for the website, its features, and my continued support maintaining it and such.

You can find that here:

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